About the Web folder and custom home pages

The FileMaker Web folder is the root directory from which the FileMaker Pro Web Companion hosts web pages using built-in HTTP server functionality.  The pages stored within the Web folder can be static html files or pages designed to interact with FileMaker Pro databases that have been web enabled using the Web Companion. They can also be other web site components such as images, JavaScripts, include files, and others.  Note that files placed at the root level of the Web folder may be accessible from a web browser. To secure CDML format files for use with FileMaker Pro Custom Web Publishing, place them in the cdml_format_files folder (FileMaker Pro 6 Folder\cdml_format_files). See the Web Security.pdf document for more information on this folder (FileMaker Pro 6 Folder\Web Security\Web Security.pdf).

If you want to customize the appearance of your FileMaker Pro databases on the Web, you can do so by creating custom web pages and moving them into the Web folder.

To use custom web solutions from a previous version of FileMaker Pro, move those files into the Web folder. If your custom web solutions were created in a version of FileMaker Pro earlier than FileMaker Pro 5, change any references to .fp3 files to .fp5 files in the html pages. This reference change can be made in a text editor. You should also place any custom web interfaces to FileMaker Pro in this folder.

If you would like to create a home page different from the one that is provided by the Web Companion, you can do so by creating a home page with a web authoring tool and then moving it into the Web folder. Although this sample page that you're reading is named default.htm, you can use a different name for your home page. Any filename you use must end in the .htm or .html extension to function correctly. For example, you can use either company.htm or company.html. After creating the home page, move it into the top level of the Web folder in the FileMaker Pro folder. Then, configure the Web Companion to use your home page. See "Setting plug-in preferences" in FileMaker Pro Help for more information.

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